HELM CHEMICALS, distribution and marketing of chemicals

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There are many links in the chain between the production of chemicals and their final industrial applications. Helm Chemicals is one of those links. As distributor and the representative of our mother-company HELM AG it is our mission to provide a connection between producers and consumers of chemicals - a'channel to market', so to speak.

What can clients and suppliers expect of Helm Chemicals?

We do more than simply take orders and supply products. We regard the distribution and marketing of chemicals as the service provided by a partner that meets your requirements and offers solutions. Our professional and experienced staff ensure a fast and personalised service. With a focus on people, products and markets.

Helm Chemicals has the ambition, experience and know-how to be among the best in the distribution and marketing of chemical raw materials and additives.'Top of the class' is our goal.



As part of HELM AG we are able to closely monitor developments in international markets. This enables us to support our clients in their process of responsible and sustainable production. A necessity in an industry that requires us to keep up with social and technological developments.

Helm Chemicals originally started as VOS B.V. In 1945 VOS was founded as a family business and has been part of HELM AG since 1979. This German multinational has been active in the chemical industry for more than 100 years. With more than 1300 employees, and offices in more than 30 countries, HELM is currently the largest independent international chemical marketing and distribution organisation. This combination of local and global knowledge of product developments is the added value for our clients and suppliers.